A leading manufacturer of antique rings in Houston, Antique-ring-connection has the largest selection of antique ring, vintage rings and engagement rings in all the latest designer style. Our antique and vintage ring designs include expertly hand engraved and feligreed designs of the best quality. Make your appointment to see the largest antique engagement ring selection in Houston.


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Antique Ring Connection has our antique engagement ring manufacturing facility located in the diamond district of Los Angeles.  We have been making antique engagement rings for retail jewelers for two generations. The retail jewelers then double or even triple the price and sell our antique engagement rings to you.
  Now individuals can visit our showroom that is open to the public in Houston, TX.   You can come in and see the largest selection of antique rings in the Houston area, or custom design your own.

Why Antique Ring Connection?
Since each of our rings is brand new you get the best of both worlds. The antique style without the worries of worn prongs, loose stones or worn etchings.  True estate pieces that have been previously worn can have problems due to thin or wearing metal.

Keep in mind that technology and the manufacturing process has be refined to produce better quality pieces. Antique engagement ring settings were often designed to wear on special occasion only and were not made for today's everyday wear and tear. Also, the older the ring, the weaker it gets.

Our Quality
Each of our antique engagement ring is cast to your finger size to you don't have to worry about sizing.  You can go with our standard quality or, choose your own diamond to set.  Then the entire ring is brought to a high polish. Last, our expert craftsman will hand engrave the entire ring with attention to the utmost detail.  The quality can easily be seen from a distance, up close, or under magnification.

 Our hands on approach to antique engagement rings ensure you a fine quality antique engagement ring.  Our rings are all made to order which means you get the ring of your dreams.  Choose and engagement ring style that means something a little special and unique.

Buy Your Ring Direct!
Now, through the internet, we can sell antique engagement rings direct without infringing upon our wholesale agreements.  The end result is you get a fine quality antique engagement ring at a wholesale price!

Huge Antique Ring Selection
Browse our huge selection of newly made Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-century Retro Modern styles each made special for you.  Our rings include antique engagement rings, antique wedding rings, antique style engagement ring mountings, platinum settings, white gold settings, filigree rings, antique style diamond jewelry and custom designed antique style rings and engagement rings.

History of the Antique Style
In the early 20th century brides often wore white gold or platinum rings as a symbol of their engagement.  These rings featured beautifully hand carved hearts, leaves and flowers.  The center and often side stones were adorned with diamonds.  Each ring was a one of a kind work of art.  Currently many couples are rediscovering the beauty and romance of owning one of these beautifully detailed rings and are wearing them to celebrate their engagement.



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